Beauty of Traffic!

Heya Friends, love this spring day and I’ve been working on the bop details of Bud Powell’s “Dance of the Infidels”. It’s a tricky little ditty and it begs for a decent tempo. Thus, one needs to practice a lot to be able to pull it off live. NYC pianist and long time friend Bill Mays just flew in to town and we’ve got two shows lined up. We just this moment wrapped up a rehearsal and we worked on his songs, songs of mine, a few standards, a Bach 2 parter, and Bud’s “Dance”.

The two shows are just the two of us stirring it up and we start off at The Merc in Temecula on Thursday night. Next we have Friday off and then our marching orders reel us into Palm Springs where we have a Saturday night hit at Pete Carlson’s Golf Shop. It sounds weird but it’s actually a great listening jazz venue. I know both gigs are a kind of far from SD but tell me truthfully, who doesn’t like to drive at 5:30pm on Freeway 15? You got to change your perspective and experience the BEAUTY of traffic. Hah! I’m working on it.

If you want to brave it to be with us look below for the details.

PS and Bill Mays ironing out the bop details at SpragueLand.

Next up, Sunday evening finds us at Dizzy’s in San Diego with Sinne Eeg from Denmark singing up a storm. She’s one of my absolute favorite vocalists ever! It’ll be Sinne singing, me on guitar, Gunnar on bass, and Charlie Weller playing drums. If you can make it out I think you’ll love Sinne’s music. Hope to see you there!

Sinne Eeg, Danish vocalist.

There it is my good friends! Thanks for reading…

namaste, P