Beatle-ized Bebop!

A Springtime Hello to You!

Today a new Carole video makes it’s way into the public flow and it’s here:

“So Far Away” is one of my favorite songs of hers and my gig in coming up with the arrangement was to honor the vibe of the original while adding in some jazz harmonic color. Do you remember the version that Blood, Sweat, and Tears did on the Billie Holiday song “God Bless the Child?” There is this vamp figure that happens about 1/4 of the way into the song and I’ve always been a big fan of that chordal move. I put a little of that into this arrangement along with a fantastic flute solo by Beth Ross Buckley.

I’m hoping that you take it for a spin.

Up for this week we happily get another chance to Beatle-ize it live. It’ll be me, Tripp, Danny, and Mack playing a concert on Friday night in La Jolla. We’ll be at the LJ Community Center. Look below for the details and I’m told it’s almost sold out but there’s still a little wiggle room if you want to come.

have fun, Peter