Bach n’ Beatles

H ey Folks!

It was a special moment at Tio Leo’s last Sunday with Sinne at the helm singing up a storm! What a sound —groovin’ time feel, scatting through the changes, cool original songs plus standards. And to top it off, we had great Mex food at the end of the gig. What a way play jazz!

Up for this week we’re doing a trio hit at Ki’s in Cardiff on Friday night. It’s Danny Green on piano, Justin Grinnell on bass and I’m holding down the guitar lines. Big fun, great food, killer view of the pacific, and the sounds of samba, folk, and jazz.

On Sunday we’re heading out to the Fallbrook Mission Theatre to hang with Bach and The Beatles. Maestro Benedetti is at the helm of this concert along with Mack Leighton on bass and me on the twin neck. Our song list travels to Spain, to Liverpool, to Brasil, to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury to NYC circa 1935.

Look below for the details and hope to see you out there…

While we’re talking about Bach and jazz, here’s a new vid that just surfaced.

Back in early days of growing up in Del Mar there was book store and an art gallery called The Earth Song Bookstore and the Ocean Song Gallery located right on the Coast Highway and 15th Street. Super cool folks ran both of these establishments and many times they hosted us to play concerts. They’d move all the tables around and put the books in the back and we’d set up the gear and blast off playing jazz. 

I composed a song for them for payback for the years of creative fun. You might notice that a little ways into the tune I borrow Bach’s chord progression from his Bouree’ composition. Ripping off from the best!

Peter Sprague — guitar
John Opferkuch — piano
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Duncan Moore — drums

That’s the story and thanks for following along, best, Peter