Beatle-ized Bebop!

Springtime Hello to You! Today a new Carole video makes it’s way into the public flow and it’s here: “So Far Away” is one of my favorite songs of hers and my gig in coming up with the arrangement was to honor the vibe of the original while adding in […] Read more »

So Far Away

reetings Good Folks, I’m coming to you from SpragueLand where I made it through the studio upgrade barely in one piece. I mean, I had the computer boxed up and ready to return at one point — that’s the level of frustration I was entrenched with. But with the help […] Read more »

Yell Out, “You’ve Gone Too Far!”

ello Friends of Sound! When I call you up, your line’s engaged! So said Paul and we’re believing in him one hundred percent. Heck he’s a Beatle and in our loop that puts him right up there with Coltrane, Miles, Gandhi, and Ted Lasso. Hah! It’s been full Beatles immersion […] Read more »