And the Locusts Sang

Greetings Good Folks, Bob Dylan is singing about locusts (from the New Morning album) all the while the sun is trying to peek out from the coastal funk cloud cover. I’m pulling together details for the day and first up is to check in with you. It’s a great summer so far!

Outside of the gates the trucks were unloadin’
The weather was hot, a-nearly ninety degrees
The man standin’ next to me, his head was exploding
Well, I was prayin’ the pieces wouldn’t fall on me
Yeah, the locusts sang off in the distance
Yeah, the locusts sang such a sweet melody
Oh, the locusts sang off in the distance
And the locusts sang and they were singing for me
Bob Dylan

I’ve been writing new tunes this last week and have plans on doing more recording coming up. What a fun process and I’ll share the musical tale of “Hurricane Alley” once we get it down on tape. Hilarious!

Up for this week, on Sunday night Leonard and I return to the Solterra Winery right down the street from me in Leucadia. We played there last year and it’s a great scene with killer food and and a wonderful ambience. Please chime in if it works for your schedule and we’ll have a special evening together! 

Leonard and Peter drifting on a reed!
photo by Kevin Kinnear

And at the top of next week I’m filling the tank with gasoline and venturing east to play a solo guitar concert at the Rancho San Diego Library on Tuesday evening. It’s free to get in and I believe it takes place at the outdoor patio which by 6:30pm will be just the right temperature. Super fun and hope to see you there!

Also next week, two of my favorite musos are coming down from LA to play a concert with me at the Handlery Hotel on Friday. It’s Steve Kujala on flute and John Leftwich on bass. I’ll be in touch next week with more info but mark it down now if you’re thinking of going. 


that’s it for now and thanks for the read, best, Peter