An Additional 20%!


Dear Comrades Of Sound,

Yesterday we refined not oil, but our favorite sound waves. We’re all set for tonight’s 7pm live(ish) show broadcasting world wide via YouTube.

Here’s who’s in the loop:

Here’s the YouTube link

Here’s the poster that’s 80% guaranteed to lure you in:

Speaking of 80%, it turns out that’s the weather-persons prediction of rain for 12/24, the day of our Del Mar realtime live concert. In the past years when it rained we moved the music indoors but because of the pandemics current upward trend, we’re not going in that direction this time as an escape hatch. 

So I’ll make an executive decision on Thursday morning, gathering up a few weather predictions, and if by chance some Christmas miracle falls into our lap and it doesn’t rain, hallelujah, the show will go on. I’ll post the plan both by my gig email and on my website.

So good folks, the most secure move if you want some Holiday On Saltwater sound healing energy is to get setup and take in the show tonight at 7pm on YouTube. 

Here’s an article that ran in the SD Union Tribune a few days back that might add an additional 20% jolt of inspiration to lure you into tonight’s livestream. We’d love to have you!

yours in the revolution, best, Peter