Al Is Currently On a Wild Exponential Arc!


Hi Friends!

Greetings from SpragueLand and a wild thing is happening right now —a unique mini phenomena!

About four weeks back we played our Holiday on Saltwater livestream and it went well. First off, thanks to those who have tuned in. After the show I got in there and remixed five songs from the night of music, choosing ones that we’ve never recorded before.

Next, two days ago I uploaded the tunes to YouTube and right off the bat one of the songs was getting a bunch of plays. It’s our arrangement of Paul Simon’s catchy “You Can Call Me Al.” Lisa’s singing with great spirit along with Pam on backups, Tripp on sax, Danny on piano, Duncan drumming away, Justin’s burning it up on eBass, and me on guitar. It’s a cool version I think and it has a few unique twists and turns plus a sax and guitar solo.

Right now the song’s view counter is taking a ride on some exponential arc that’s adding over 1000 views per hour. Heavens, I’ve never had that happen before! People are digging the tune and it’s gathering super positivity comments too. 

Check out the vid and let me know if it’s working with your ears. 

Cool, and if you feel so inspired please pass around the link to your family and friends (maybe enemies too) and together we can blow up YouTube! Huzzah!

Sorry about the cancelled and moved gigs for the month of January. The covid heat was getting too close for comfort. The gigs have moved over to the month of March where we’re hoping that the tsunami passes along through by then.

But, good news, Live(ish) From SpragueLand continues to supply the soundtrack for our slightly quarantined life with a new episode in the works for January 28th. 

Here’s the info and we’d love to have you with us as The Tribute Rebels continue the revolution!

that’s it for now, you can all me Betty, peace, Peter