Ain’t Nothing But a Party at the Village Vanguard!

Gifted Folks of Cali! Just like the early morning south wind, things are hovering over here at SpragueLand. Recording, mixing, horn arrangements, house concerts, rehearsals, gigananda, chart writing, and even does the car need gas? Life on eleven, foot to the floor, big open sky and the wide view! Love the entire hurricane of it…

The plan for live concerts this weeks begins on Thursday night at Off Broadway Live in Santee. We’re bringing together a stellar group of musos including Leonard Patton and Gillian Margot on vocals, Geoffrey Keezer on keys, Tripp Sprague on sax and flute, Justin Grinnell on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, and I get to play the guitar. The music we’re focusing on is Stevie Wonder! He’s one of my main influences and his songs are modern day masterpieces. Can you hear it? — Livin’ For the City, Knocks Me Off My Feet, Do I Do, and the list goes long. We’ve got these amped up arrangements and it’s jazz and it’s funk and it ain’t nothing but a party at the Village Vanguard! Hah! Follow the link below to procure tickets and details and join us for a special night!

Here’s a YouTube link to last years “Night of Stevie Wonder” concert. Pretty cool Gillian and Leonard on “Do I Do”.

Next up, the long and creative tradition of Blurring the Edges takes the stage at Grossmont College for a program of jazz, classical, flamenco, Beatles, bossa nova, and the blues. Blurring the line between them all and filling it up with improvisation. Magic stuff when it works and we’re thinking the switch will be on on Friday night. With Fred Benedetti on guitar, Tripp Sprague on sax and flute, and me too. Concert setting and you’re all invited!

A collage of guitar necks! Every which way! Blurring the Edges with Peter, Fred and Tripp.

And ending out the week for live music is a Saturday evening hit at the Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego with vocalist Allison Adams Tucker, percussionist Tommy Aros, and me with the six strings. Allison has an amazing voice and selects super cool songs. Tommy is an avatar of rhythm and this venue for music is most inviting—small and intimate! See you if you can make it.

Allison and I setting up a duet piece at Vitello’s in LA a few years ago. There’s a lot of stage between us and that’s because the band left it to us for a couple of tunes.

There it is for this week and also look for a special new CD release email tomorrow.


laters, P