A Potentially Painless Adventure North

Friends, I’m zipping off tomorrow to join the mini tour with vocalist Dianne Reeves and her band of amazing musos! First stop is Chapman University in Orange, CA. Hey, that’s an hour from here so if you’re thinking you’d like to hear us, you could semi painlessly venture out and join the traffic flow heading north. It won’t be that bad and the music should be great. Look below for more details and I’m told there are still tickets available.

Band photo as we’re readying to leave Mack Island. From left to right, Peter Martin, Branford Marsalis (who was playing the day we left), Terryon Gully, Paul Booth (sound man, tour manager), Dianne Reeves, Peter, and Anna Redmond (Dianne’s personal assistant).

From there we head out to Las Vegas for a Saturday night show. Then I zip home just in time to play a special duo concert with maestro Fred Benedetti on Sunday. Fred’s amazing and we pepper the program with ample Beatles plus some of my tunes and a classic Fred flamenco ditty. Should be great and we’d love to have you along.

Peter and Fred dancing on the double necks!

Turning the corner around the week I’m teaming up with pianist Joshua White for a concert at The Athenaeum in La Jolla on Monday. It’s a noontime gig and this cat plays up a storm. Big fun!

Joshua White live at Dizzy’s.
photo by Bonnie Wright

Short and quick, gotta run! Coming real soon a new solo guitar CD plus our Planet Cole Porter CD will be right behind that.

all best, Peter