Cyber Day Trippin’

reetings Friends, today we begin with possibly some help from the jazz braintrust, (that’s you by the way). Our daughter Kylie who lives in Portland is shifting her life path from social worker to exploring software programming and more directly cyber security. She’s looking into “boot camps” where you take […] Read more »

Jazz Man!

reetings Good Folks! Music is everywhere and this week it’s appearing live on two occasions plus some YouTubian action over there on the internet. First up live, we’ll be at Dizzy’s on Friday night morphing the late 60’s sounds of Carole King into our 2020 jazz framework. It’s a time […] Read more »

On the Edge of Jazz Damage!

reetings Comrades of Sound! We’re keeping the hits (and maybe the misses) coming and for this week, new at YouTube is our version of The Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” The way they played it originally was in a folk/country kind of feel. Our version ventures into the celtic/Metheny […] Read more »