Watercolors of Metheny!

  reetings Human Consortium of Sound!  Good to meet up on this Monday of shifted clock times. Last week was all about a few rare live gigs and what a joy to trance out in realtime. The music at the SD Library and Dizzy’s was a hoot and I’m so […] Read more »

Blessings to the Cloudless Sky!

  iya Good Folks of Sound! It’s a sunny day and we just got solar installed. What a simple joy seeing that arrow on the meter run TOWARDS the grid rather than pulling from it.  Let the sun shine in! Current news, our Blue Kind of Miles album release is […] Read more »

Non Basketball March Madness!

  reetings Solid Citizens of Music! The sun is out, the Santa Ana winds are blowing and it’s a good day for music. I’m practicing up because it’s heating up on all fronts. Yes, the live streaming business is still cooking over here at SpragueLand (look for the upcoming “Watercolors” […] Read more »