World Premiers Unfolding in Realtime!

  i esteemed travelers of the tribal tech, It’s been a wonderful time of songwriting, sunny days, doggie walks, and NetFlicks eves! We’ve got a side hobby that’s creeped in and it all revolves around our “You Can Call Me Al” video that’s currently taking a wild ride over at […] Read more »

Al Is Currently On a Wild Exponential Arc!

  i Friends! Greetings from SpragueLand and a wild thing is happening right now —a unique mini phenomena! About four weeks back we played our Holiday on Saltwater livestream and it went well. First off, thanks to those who have tuned in. After the show I got in there and […] Read more »

Scott Henderson Ripping it Up!

  ear Friends! The holiday hurricane has passed on through and now it’s all about cold. Wow! Getting a taste of what real winters can feel like. And I know they’re chanting “you ain’t seen nothing yet” in Wisconsin… We don’t have any live gigs this week but I thought […] Read more »