I Won’t Be There at Tonight’s Gig!

  reetings Folks! I just got back from surfing and some enlightened dude fell off his board right in front of me propelling his board directly into my right index finger. Urghh… I’m not going to die and it’ll heal up soon I think but for a few days at […] Read more »

20 Minute Arranger-splaining Predicament

  reetings Folks! Coming to you on a grey day and filling up the air is a new recording by Becca Stevens that I’m looping continually. She’s blending folk music with some middle eastern instruments and the end result is an ethnic joy dance to my ears. You might like […] Read more »

My Spanish Heart

  ello Fine Folks! Coming to you at the same time Chick Corea and Gary Burton are entering the air space over here at SpragueLand. It’s Native Sense and it’s pristine lines and grooving rhythm. These guys together make the music levitate and it’s a joy to soak it up. […] Read more »