Rendezvousing Tonight in RealTime!

  riends! Hope all goes well and for us, super joy factor to play a few gigs earlier in the week. We rendezvoused in realtime at the Encinitas Library and had a spirited hang with the fine folks of North County. We’re playing the music again tonight, this time we’re […] Read more »

Built in Bucks — Will Trade for Quality Notes

  reetings Friends! Loads of guitar activity playing out here at SpragueLand this week. Jumping right in, on Wednesday we’re playing a noontime Encinitas Library concert. Then at the end of the week we’re playing the very same program but this time on our Live(ish) at SpragueLand streaming YouTube channel. […] Read more »

Cali Summer Jazz Moment!

  ola Fine Folks! Last eve, after our Ruby walk/play catch with the ball episode Stef and I traveled down the YouTube rabbit hole following the idea of altering the XML files for the ATEM Mini Extreme. Romantic — yes! Braincell building — most certainly! The purported notion that it’ll […] Read more »