Friends of Funk, Friends of Jazz!

  ear Friends of Funk and Jazz,  Stevie Wonder’s Jungle Fever is spinning on the turntable and it’s working magic over here — stirring up the imagination, upping the vibe, accompanying the sounds of summer outside the window. On the tune “Fun Day,” the last chorus leads to the vamp […] Read more »

Silence and Slowness

  op ‘O the Summer To You! I’m promo-ing it up this afternoon and Chick Corea’s supplying the soundtrack. What a great blend of fusion, samba, harmonic wizardry, and mini moog solos from the 7th galaxy no less. Supreme music! This livestream wave is taking up a fair amount of […] Read more »

Your Coffee is a Disaster!

  ear Friends of Music! Goat Rodeo is on today’s playlist and their wild acoustic forays into the outer sphere are exciting and beautiful. Check it out — Yo Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Stuart Duncan, and Edgar Myers —all masters in their own right, now in a band called Goat Rodeo. […] Read more »