The Look of Love

reetings Good Folks! It’s that kind of morning where Les McCann is kicking off “Compared to What” — the killer soft chords, the extremely present cowbell, and this then morphing into the funky piano stabs with Eddie Harris devouring the chord changes. This is GREAT music and it’s how we […] Read more »

Third Wind!

ello Friends! It’s a good day and starting things off right with Pat Metheny’s “Third Wind” filling the air with energy, gorgeous harmony, rhythm like nobody’s business, and a wailing synth guitar scorching the chord changes. That’s music! Last week was a good one for creative concerts and accumulated hours […] Read more »

Saltwater On Metal — a True Rust Fest!

ola Fellow Travelers, it’s been a good time carrying on and I’ve made a recent discovery and found a solution. Because of parking issues combined with one of the world’s most aggravating traffic lights (you wait forever for your turn and then way to often a train comes by and […] Read more »