Pennies From Heaven!

reetings Citizens of Jazz! I’m having fun in the office and gazing out into the endless coastal gray. It just goes on and and on and happily it isn’t getting me down. Instead it’s a good day and Stan Getz is filling the air via Spotify.  It’s magic — push […] Read more »

The Free Air of June!

ey Ho! Currently embracing the out of doors this week with 2 cool concerts coming up. There are a bunch of wins to taking the music outside: The acoustics in the open air are a plus —no parallel walls in play to muddy up the sound.  The air is your […] Read more »

Be Different, Be Nice

appy People! I hope I’m catching you at a good time. Fun times over here at SpragueLand with a bunch of cool concerts coming up, a little sun poking through, killer veggie soup that Stef whipped together, and a new T.V. show discovery that might be of interest to you.  […] Read more »