Carrot Cake

hat’s Up Friends! I’m listening to Larry Goldings and Peter Bernstein play a tune called “Fagen” and I wonder if it’s written for Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen? Anyone know? I’m a big fan of both Bernstein and Fagen and it’d be nice to see and hear those two stir it […] Read more »

Peter and Danny in Concert!

i Solid Citizens! Here’s a little slice of what’s up for this week coming to you last minute but still laced with overflowing good vibes. All with the hope of keeping us together. Tomorrow night avatar pianist Danny Green and I play a duo hit at Grossmont College. We’ve been […] Read more »

Let Me Solo!

reetings Good Folks! Stevie Wonder’s Jungle Fever is spinning on the turntable and it’s working wonders over here — stirring up the imagination, upping the vibe, accompanying the sounds of spring outside the window. On the tune “Fun Day” the last chorus leads to the vamp out and Stevie has […] Read more »