Stir it up with Roni Ben-Hur!

reetings Friends! The air is filled with Benny Green and Veronica Swift slipping around a tune called “Naturally” and it’s doing wonderful things framing this already spectacular sunny Cali morning. They are coming to town to play at the end of the week and bummer, I’ll be out of town. […] Read more »

Rapid Fire!

olid Good People! Today it’s a rapid fire email because: the surf’s up butterfly’s are heading north by the millions the sun’s out the extremely tricky Billy Childs music still needs prep work starting in on assembling the tax data the email and text’s are filling up the hard drive […] Read more »

The Deluge of Details!

i Folks! I’m in my office taking care of business —lots of emails, promo packs, hunting down photos, and the meanest of them all, finding a workable rehearsal date for 7 mega busy musos. It’s a big deal being a grownup! One of the best ways I stay sane through […] Read more »