Drive 50 Miles For Warm Hands!

ey Folks! I blasted up and back to Seattle and by the time I got back, spring has taken over —at least for today. Our sycamore tree has been leafless for a month or so and today some new little mini’s appeared. Stef said our yard even looks like we […] Read more »

Up and At It!

arm Hearted Folk! I’m getting right to it today as time is thin! The heater man is showing up in a few minutes, I’ve got some last minute studio stuff I have to do and then I’ll zip to Palomar College to play. From there I zap to Orange County […] Read more »

The News from Lake Leucadia!

riends, coming to you from deep in the wilds of Leucadia with soggy socks and super happy plants. It’s a wet world out there and we’re loving it! A wonderful article profiling one of the great human/musos just came out in this months San Diego Troubadour newspaper. We’re talking about […] Read more »