Today at Noon!

ey Folks, it’s a good day in Encinitas! This is last minute but today at noon we’re playing a free concert at the Encinitas Library. It’s Bridget on violin, Lars on cello and me on the guitar. We’re playing the music from our nominated recording Samba Andaluza. We ran through […] Read more »

Carpet Bomb the Music Business!

reetings Fine Folks! I zipped back to NYC last week and got out just in time. The snow was on my heals and I left early Friday and I think by Saturday a ton of the flights were cancelled.  I went back to be part of the Chamber Music America […] Read more »

Hunting Down the Pretty Notes!

olid Friends! Paul Simon’s on the box. Not totally sure about a lot of things but this I know for sure: “I don’t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard” Thanks to him we welcome this hilarious zen truth.  He sure has a way with words and […] Read more »