Living the Dream!

owabunga Ocean Peeps! Finally a day off and it started early this morning with some blue water immersion. There were little mini broken up bumps and the air had a fall cooling edge to it but the water remains in full on bliss mode — warm and inviting! This leads […] Read more »

Walk Off the Earth!

olid Citizens!  I recently took a vid spin originating from a passed on link and heavens did this ride make me feel good. A bunch of folks playing a hybrid instrument, all at the same time, singing up a storm and a chord progression that’s built for happiness. See what […] Read more »

Last Minute!

i Folks, the nice people over at the Laguna Arts had a last minute cancellation and asked us to play. We LOVE this gig — fantastic setting, great sound, and enthusiasm everywhere you turn! It’s this Saturday night and we even lassoed in the “bass on fire” Ben Shepherd to […] Read more »