Getting Right To It!

ood People! Streamlined and getting right to it. Last week we had wonderful musical moments all around the neighborhood including a sold out concert at the NC Rep and the amazing setup at the Laguna Arts Festival. What a place for music, art, and food!  On the schedule for this […] Read more »

Why Aye Man!

ood People, coming to you with Mark Knopfler’s “Ragpicker’s Dream” filling the air. It ain’t bebop but it’s beautiful!  Americana, gritty Strat guitar speaking up, singing weird things at the chorus “why aye man”. What’s that even mean?  I’m digging it! We had a magical string consort gig last Sunday […] Read more »

The Frontline!

ye, aye Captain! There’s a hurricane brewing down south and some ocean waves are expected up here in the north. Happy news for us surfers! It’s my early morning ritual — gray flat ocean, go out no matter what. It sets the brain straight. El brain needs to be straight […] Read more »