Skunks, Disney, and the Surf Mag!

ey Friends, in Encinitas this is the time for skunks! Every early evening in our yard, a parade of the little cuties slowly moves by, looking for tidbits. And then last week I had a neat gig with Dianne Reeves and the band at the amazing Walt Disney Hall. Great […] Read more »


hat’s right, the ocean is up. Practicing the guitar now but a little later, going off to experience the wild blue!  Hope you get to too. Tomorrow at noon, it’s Tripp, Mack, and me playing a set at the Encinitas Library. We’ve got a neat selection of tune-age. Join in! […] Read more »


riends! They are standing in line at SpragueLand waiting to record their hit songs. Hah! How do I fit it all in — getting the word out about the gigging life and at the same time, adjust the mic level? Streamline. Solo guitar, trancing at the mall, the sun is […] Read more »