Day Trippin’!

i Friends! Today we start with a little family backstory. My dad had a strange first name — Hall. Plus his middle name was Tripp, not really normal either. When my brother was born he became Hall Tripp Sprague, Jr. That’s a mouthful and carries with it potential confusion — […] Read more »

Off the Page, Off the Script, Off the Planet!

ear Solid Folk of the Hinterland! The soundtrack of the Titanic movie frames this moment somehow. (The music box is on shuffle mode). Celtic flutes and some low end mysto rumbles bring back the tragic arc that was Kate and Leo’s ride on earth.  Oh well, now let’s talk about […] Read more »

Plowing Through the Bureaucracy!

i Everyone, a quick gig blip in case you, like me, want to do some extra driving. Me and the boys, Mack and Tripp, are heading up to LA to play at the Blue Guitar Room in South Pasadena on Thursday night. It’s a great scene and once you try […] Read more »