7 Minutes and 47 Seconds

  ood People! Metheny is twanging in the key of G and it’s good. Have you heard the tune “The Fields, the Sky”? Oh my, it’s a brilliant way to spend 7 minutes and 47 seconds of your life! First off it’s just him with bass and caxixi shakers and […] Read more »

Beauty of Traffic!

eya Friends, love this spring day and I’ve been working on the bop details of Bud Powell’s “Dance of the Infidels”. It’s a tricky little ditty and it begs for a decent tempo. Thus, one needs to practice a lot to be able to pull it off live. NYC pianist […] Read more »

Jim Hall’s Love of the Thirteen Flat Nine!

  ood People! Jim Hall is strumming some wild Spanish guitar on a long overlooked (at least in my CD collection) version of “Concerto de Aranjuez”. Thirteen flat nine chords abound and frolic in some sort of twisted progression. I like it and this tracks fills up the air as […] Read more »