Ready the Revolution For Prime Time!

i Friends, it’s a great time to be living and breathing in clean, fresh, (it rained a little a couple of nights ago) air. Also, how wonderful to have a good set of ears to take in music. Grateful, I guess that’s what I’m feeling. The year is bending towards […] Read more »

Busy With Beatles!

  riends! It’s a good world and I’m happy to rejoin civilization. I’ve been marathoning it in the studio with my good friends John, Paul, George and Ringo. We’ve been brewing up arrangements of their classic tunes for a big ALL BEATLES concert on Christmas Eve in Del Mar. You’re […] Read more »

Deviation Mode — ON!

ig wind folks and it’s in the right direction! I’m writing you, then into the studio for a string session, and then a zip to the ocean to see how the wind looks there. Offshore breeze, grooms the waves to perfection, if nothing more, Cali doing what she does best! […] Read more »