The Library Will Be Our Laboratory!

reetings! Winter jazz kicking in. This means cold hands in the morning. Total hit and miss on outdoor gigs. Icebergs in the ocean surf but all of it — worth it! Slim but absolute cool gig plan this week. I’m mostly being a studio scholar but come next Saturday afternoon […] Read more »

Soliloquy Soulster!

riends, this morning Coltrane is keeping me company as I share my thoughts with you. His album “Afro Blue Impressions” is streaming through the computer and it’s sounding amazing! Last night I watched a NetFlix documentary called “Chasing Trane” all about the life of saxophonist John Coltrane. All through the […] Read more »

Porter Gone Funk!

reetings Good Folks, pianist Eliane Elias is playing Speak Low over here and Randy Brecker’s flugelhorn lines are killing me. What a sound and flavor! Wish they were here in person but it’s iTunes that’s delivering the goods. What a nice way to start things off here in the offices […] Read more »