Doing the Laundry!

olid Folks! We’re just back from a great trip to Madison, Wisconsin for the Jazz at Five Festival. It was Leonard, Tripp, and I and we took in the town and had two concerts. Loads of folks came out and it was neat to meet the natives who LOVE their […] Read more »

Converting Garbage?

ood People! Who do you know in Madison, Wisconsin? Turns out next week we’re braving it once again with that volatile mix of guitars and airplanes and it’ll be me, Leonard, and Tripp flying east to share the good news of jazz with the Madisonites. We’ve got two concerts lined […] Read more »

Barometer Bustin’ Hurricane Humidity!

eya Good Folks, hope all goes well and I’ll bet not everyone is in agreement with this thick air. Me and my gang are up at a beach house in Oceanside with cousins, siblings and friends living life in slow motion and the extra warm humid conditions are fitting the […] Read more »