Waveforms In and Out of the Water!

reetings Friends! It’s been a wonderful music/surf week with big blue ocean waveforms and invisible sonic artifacts floating into happy listener ears. What a way to live a life! Up for tomorrow night, it’s a Roxy solo guitar hit! Last week went well with a good set of listeners and the […] Read more »

Mile High!

riends, just back from Denver and some sweet music with Alicia Olatuja and the band! Mile high jazz! It’s a busy guitar slinger week starting tonight, solo guitar music at the Roxy. Downbeat is at 7pm. Tomorrow night we veer the cars north and land in Temecula at the fabulous […] Read more »

Bar Noise Floor!

i Good People! Short words, slim gig week, mini travels… On Wednesday night I’m back at the Roxy. The 2nd set is the best with the bar noise floor eased up some. You can actually hear the guitar for a change! And Friday I zip to Denver for a concert […] Read more »