Glow Basking!

reetings Friends! This week we’re playing some private events around town and YES, Leonard and I are taking the music public on Friday. It’ll be Ki’s Restaurant for a night of basking in the glow of the Cardiff sunset set to a gentle folk ballad morphing over to a psychedelic version of The […] Read more »

Thermometer Maximus

riends! The story right now from my office with all of the windows open is thermometer maximus. It’s just how I like it and it’ll be short lived as tomorrow I’m driving out to Rancho Mirage for a freaky fahrenheit 116 music session. Burn the jazz house down! I love […] Read more »

Don’t Trust that Computer!

ood People! How fun is this! Ocean, late sunsets, warm evenings, music in the streets, people wearing shorts, buskers playing without being cold, barefoot adventures, and it keeps going and going all the way to mid October. Count me in! I’ve been working on a new solo guitar recording and […] Read more »