Songs Styled Anew!

reetings Good People, it’s swing time over here with Oscar Peterson leading the way! We’re talking chops for days and clever arrangements with jazz blues playing chorus after chorus off into the sunset. Good stuff! I came across this clever little vid of an alternate surf world with little people. […] Read more »

Vehicle Ascension!

olks, we had a wonderful run of LA, Palm Springs, Idyllwild, downtown SD, and Rancho Santa Fe a week or so back! Good music everywhere plus enthused and slightly inebriated fans at the inner city, magic burritos at the Indian Reservation on the outskirts of Palm Springs, a vehicle ascension […] Read more »

Maxing the Odometer!

riends, it’s looking to be a driving week over here at SpragueLand. Actually a rehearse, gig, drive, drive some more and then sleep week. Rehearse today, drive to L.A. for a private gig tonight, drive back, rehearse tomorrow, Thursday record, Friday drive to L.A. again for the LACCMA concert, Saturday […] Read more »