Wicked Juxtapositions

riends, starting the morning off with Charlie Parker and Ella blasting live from Carnegie Hall in 1949. This sets up perfectly a story of wicked juxtapositions. My Mom Carol now lives at an assisted living place in Cardiff and it’s one of the best. Great food and believe me, this […] Read more »

Wild Inventions!

reetings Friends, the other day I got a call from a newspaper fellow seeking answers for 10 questions. Random stuff, not all music related, but a fun spin nevertheless. It’s here: What a joyful time it’s been. I’m back, I’m fixing a few things in the house, tinkering with recording […] Read more »


i Good People, I’m just getting back from the burr factor 12 East Coast and even Tallahassee, Florida was 28 degrees yesterday. The plan now is to switch into a defrostification mode complete with daily surfs and local gigs. Stoked to be back! We played Penn State, Bethlehem PA and […] Read more »