Nice ’N Easy

iya! Last week Johnny Winter was occupying SpragueLand and today it’s all about Nice ’N Easy. It was 1960, we were living the good life in Del Mar and my Dad had this record spinning nonstop. Frank Sinatra, jazz standards, Nelson Riddle leading the band along—the best! You can even […] Read more »

The Albino Guitar Slinger’s Got the Blues!

ood Folks, I just got back from a chilly walk. The winter button is ON now, that’s for sure. Talking to a dude that has a cool old house where they didn’t deem it necessary to include insulation. “It’s California fool, land of the sun.” Pretty much right but meet […] Read more »

Good Problem to Have!

riends, saltwater hair, never dry. The surf has been up! Used up arms from paddling, eyes a little dry from the sun. Fake guitar fingernails somewhat tattered from extended H20 immersion. These are all good problems to have. It’s a true joy to mix in the ocean with a life […] Read more »