Cal Trans’ Asphalt Holy Grail!

ey There, it was a packed week with music coming out of the sky, notes pushing up from the turf, riffs rifling off the waves, everywhere music—and with that, lugging gear. Argghhhh! Luckily my friend Steve was helping me out with this. We shared our truth in sound in Carlsbad, […] Read more »

Living My Bucket List in Real Time!

reetings Good People, despite a few disappointments including this laughable royalty check:I’m actuallyLoads of positive things shifting around! We had a great time making music in Idyllwild with the string group. The setup included mega weather heat mixing in with up tempo music heat culminating in a blistering reading of […] Read more »

Life on the Sand with a Zillion College Kids!

riends, smooth Brazilian music flowing out of the speakers now filling the air with lush harmony and subtle syncopation. Cello and voice, the Morelenbaum’s from Brazil, good company to keep and setting up this morning perfectly. We’ve been living the good life on the beach in Oceanside for the last […] Read more »