The Doppler Effect

riends, here’s a short one ‘cuz life’s heading towards tornado alley. Warm air meeting cool, it’s all part of nature but it still packs a punch. Here’s a good item of note, a couple weeks back I blocked out an afternoon and tuned up my guitar and performed to the […] Read more »

Circulating the World!

ey Everyone, it’s a learning tricking tunes cramfest going on over here today as TONIGHT I’m playing at the Blue Whale in LA. It’s vocalist Denise Donatelli’s gig and she’s got some great tunes but not ones that you can just cruise through. Geoffrey Keezer’s on piano along with Dave […] Read more »

Can’t Buy Me Rain!

reetings Good People, it’s raining in SoCal and the Encinitas foliage consortium is digging the H20! Me too, I’ve been staying dry in the main room at SpragueLand exploring the inner workings of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” I documented it on video and thought I’d share it around. Turns out […] Read more »