The S&S Influence

antastic Folks! Coming to you with the influence of saltwater and sun and it’s a nice way to welcome the new week. Mini surf but pure magic down there nevertheless. What a place to live and call home! Leonard and I played the Solterra Winery last eve and it was […] Read more »

Bongo Martini in the Wee Small Hours of the Morning!

reetings Good People, for some reason today is all about Frank Sinatra. On my recent trip to Portland the folks that run the jazz festival gave each of us artists a gift bag with various culinary and literary treats. I’m finally getting around to reading the Jazz Times magazine that […] Read more »

Scandinavian Cowboy Jazz!

eya, this morning Sonny Rollins is Way out West! He’s always been one of my favorites and today’s he’s bringing on the new day with sassy cowboy jazz. He’s got Ben Webster and Charlie Parker influencing his lines but then he adds a wry sense of humor into the mix […] Read more »