ood Folks, we’re talking jumblemania today. Up early, practicing Billy Childs’ music, trying to bring back the fingerings and tricky stuff from our show many months back. I’m heading up to LA tomorrow to rehearse with him for some upcoming shows in February and I’ve learned that you’ve got to […] Read more »

Dodging the Cheese and Scoring High!

riends, got an old side spinning now that my Dad played frequently back in the day — Quincy Jones’ The Quintessence. Check the Freddie Hubbard solo on “Robot Portrait” and you’ll hear some killer minor chord trumpet lines weaving impeccably through the changes, dodging the cheesy notes and scoring high […] Read more »

Thai With Ky…

reetings Good Folks, I’m just drying off from the salt water mini surf, blend in some super clean air and blue skies surf session. Today was a good day! Up early, minimal email duties, mixing, rehearsing, water tai chi (surfers walk on water did you know?) and now off to […] Read more »