Surround it With Quietude

ey Folks, life is good up here in Leucadia and this morning saxophonist Mark Turner along with guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel are warping the sonic reality in a beautiful way. Their Dharma Days’ gorgeous tones are emanating from the speakers and it makes doing computer busywork even that much better. We had […] Read more »

The Tribute Rebels!

reetings Good Folks, I just heard the incredible Pat Metheny in concert last night in Temecula. Oh my, that fellow can play! I’m filled with inspiration and that’s perfect because this week we’ve got some new music brewing. Keep reading! The Tribute Rebels Currently there exists a movement all over the country for […] Read more »

Spinning Sonic Ditties

riends, I’m just spinning off of a songwriting spree with three new sonic ditties ready to take flight. That’ll be next week but the news of NOW is: Thursday night with vocalist Nina Francis at 98 Bottles! Nina and three of her fellow USC music cohorts mix it up with […] Read more »