Low Level Devo Talking Right Through the Music

reetings Good Folks, the summer surf is here, my daughter is back from school, life is full and good times are spinning all around. Here’s the rap… The Cream music concert last week at the Encinitas Library was a true success on many levels! The music fully lifted off and for […] Read more »

How Do You Pronounce SWLABR?

ear Good Folks, last week it was an immersion into the grace note inflections of Chick Corea’s music (killer gig at The Loft by the way) and this week, well quite a different setup. Full blown genre morphing in play! This is the week of CREAM and I’ve been heavy […] Read more »


ood Folks, coming to you at a smokey 90 degrees fahrenheit! It’s a cooker and I’m holding my breath! It was an inspiration to hang out with Nathan East last week at his Guitar Center bass clinic. The guy is musical in everything he does, playing the bass of course but also […] Read more »