Jobim Overthrows the Piano!

reetings Good Folks, Cali is doing it’s amazing late September thing today and that is, endless sun, the perfect temp with a slight breeze and a little swell running out in the wide blue. I had a busy weekend and today is cool ‘cuz I’m catching up on things and […] Read more »

Proud Mary Waters the March Favela

ood On ‘Ya Folks of Jazz, coming to you from SpragueLand and for some reason today Creedence is hogging all of the airwaves. I always turn on some music as I sit in the office to do my emailing and digital outreach and gravity pulled me over to unearth some […] Read more »

How Do You Rehearse the Future?

ear Friends, I’ve been thick into the explorations and arranging of Astor Piazzolla’s tango music plus, adding in some classic Latin songs recommended by songstress Coral.  All of this in preparation for an upcoming concert next week at the San Dieguito Academy outdoor amphitheater. Tomorrow morning we’re going for a trial run […] Read more »