The Low End Vocal Avatar of Encinitas

reetings Good Folks, it’s a Miles morning and right now they’re playing “Milestones” with Coltrane’s sonic exploits filling this most magical summer morning air. After reading the book last week about the making of Kind of Blue I’ve been revisiting some of his classic sides and it’s a joy to […] Read more »

BopMod Landing at 98 Bottles!

ood Day Good People, it’s a happy time over here at SpragueLand and we just finished our rehearsal with Gilbert on trumpet, Tripp on sax and flute, Gunnar guiding the low end on bass, Duncan directing traffic on the drums and me on the guitar. The occasion—we’re gigging tomorrow night […] Read more »

Miles Making a Living Playing in the Mode

ood People, coming to you late in the evening. It’s been multi-mega-days in the studio working with two super talented classical musos. Kate Prestia-Shaub playing the piccolo along with pianist Martin Kennedy, enveloping into their collection of gorgeous complicated ditties. I’m digging it! We had a fantastic Leucadia outdoor concert […] Read more »