Lamenting the Cement

reetings Friends! Today it’s a story of a cement road. One day you can drive to L.A. and it’s a crawl fest and then another time, if the Caltrans sprites are looking after you, you can get in, do your thing and then zip back and start breathing again. Such […] Read more »

Getting Out of the Way and LISTEN!

iya! I’m taking a break from the early morning surfing sessions to zip you some text. Today I’ve been following one of my heroes of music, Joni Mitchell, after a friend hipped me to this interview. Everything that Joni talks about— her art, her music, writing lyrics, etc., I’m convinced […] Read more »

From Reconcilling Quickbooks to Weird Hand X-rays

ear Good People, it’s a whirlwind over here and since I last saw you (in print that is) I’ve been: Learning to properly reconcile SpragueLand’s balance sheets with the guidance of Quickbooks guru Mary. Massaging out the last kinks for the upcoming “Susan Variations” vids; one highlighting the performance and […] Read more »