Tap Dancing Into an Alternate Universe

i Good People, coming to you late in the day—the magic hour of light. Everything looks better than it really is. I like this. I like illusions in sight and trickery in sound! Heck, let’s go all the way and maybe just join me in tap dancing into an alternate […] Read more »

The Little Dot Zipping Along

reetings Good People, the south wind is blowing early, Bobby McFerrin is ripping it up with his Vocabularies on the speakers, and I’m rising from the slumbers documenting the RIDE that just happened plus switching on the HWC button (here’s what’s coming) to fill you in. This is what I’ve […] Read more »

Beach Blanket Blendo!

ood People, I’m just back from a rubber band bend the body session at the ocean’s edge and the summer’s prelude is lining up. It’s looking to be a good one with warmth, my daughter Kylie back in the hood, a fair amount of work, and some open space too […] Read more »