‘Cuz I’m the Tax Man!

i All, it’s a happy day at SpragueLand and that’s mostly because we finally wrestled the rebellious numbers together and presented them to our account guru. Now it’s his job to make the magic happen! We’re free again and it’s good to be back to making music. If you drive […] Read more »

Springing It at SpragueLand!

reetings Good People, African muso avatar Salif Keita is spinning the airwaves and we’re happy to announce that it’s spring at SpragueLand! The big tree that’s sits in front of the entry way is sporting a new collection of green beauties that are dancing in the wind to the Soro […] Read more »

Plugging In the Calculator and the Metronome

reetings To You, tales of music coming from the foggy coast. I’m spinning early as the story from SpragueLand will be a lengthy run today, churning out atonal hits from composer and saxophonist David Borgo. He has me navigating some rhythmic trickery and I’ve got my metronome and calculator ready […] Read more »