Kick Starting Blind Faith

reetings Good People, Stef and I were out to dinner with friends last night and we started to talk about music. Big surprise! We got into a cool loop beginning with English rock bands and this led us to the semi-obscure late 1960’s recording of Blind Faith. Do you know […] Read more »

Intersecting with Caltrans’s Favorite Sons!

reetings Fellow Citizens of Sound! We transform from a week of Bop Moderno to a week of working on the Road Work Ahead. It’s the ultimate opportunity in a life filled with revolving creative moments, each asking different questions, each responding to fresh answers. And all along with these cosmic […] Read more »

Bop Moderno Week of Jazz

ear Friends, coming to you with icy fingers, navigating the fretboard, chasing the muse as it plays hide and seek with winter. I performed outside on the street corner at night in Little Italy last week. Try as I might to croon the theme to “Key Largo”, my fingers kept […] Read more »