Rallying the Lofty Life!

ood People, coming to you with the winter storm swirl leading the way! I’m guessing the snow level is low, and over here on the coast we’re really digging the rain. Marley is hot on the box and here we go with the update from SpragueLand.I had a fun concert […] Read more »

Song Stories

reetings Good Folks, I’m writing to you nice and early, the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds and as Dianne Reeve’s mom would say, “it’s gonna be a good day.” Blending in with last week’s gigs and recording sessions, I also spent a good chunk of time […] Read more »

The Queen’s Lean

ola Friends! It’s been a super fun time over here at SpragueLand and the overriding theme for the time that has just passed is Technology Braintrust Upgrade (my terminology). I’ve finally accrued some free moments and I’ve chosen to rat out some tech things that needed fixing. First in the studio, there are a […] Read more »