The Advil on an Empty Stomach Issue

ood People, it’s early and I write to you with semi-numb fingers. Conrad Herwig’s sizzling recording The Latin Side of John Coltrane is filling up the airspace with the dual intent of sonic beauty mixed in with some below the radar persuasion to get some heat circulating into this room. […] Read more »

Bigger Things That Have Happened To Me Over the Years

Chamber of America Commission (2012) More on this coming up! Commission For North Coast Singers (2011) In May of 2011 I was commisioned by the North Coast Singers to write a piece for string quartet, jazz trio and a 40 piece choir. I came up with the “Calling Me Home Suite” and we performed […] Read more »

Mashing Up the Masterpieces!

i Friends, right at this moment I’m listening to the Love recording by The Beatles in honor of the idea of mashing up pre-existing masterpieces. For this recording, Sir George Martin and his son got their hands on the original tracks and sliced and diced, adding key elements of one […] Read more »