The YouTube Potential Audience of INFINITY!

Friends! It’s a YouTube universe! I’m not sure where it’s all heading or if it makes any business sense but it’s been a fun ride and certainly a new creative angle to explore. It was this planet that I was immersed in last week.

I’ve been wanting to document some of my solo guitar moves that I’ve been swimming in at my weekly Roxy gigs. There, I combine my unique arrangements with lots of improvising plus integrate the looper and my guitar synth for some cool sonic escapades.

So, first I moved the drums aside in my studio, next I brought in a couple of lighting poles and then set up my guitar rig. I fired up the video cameras and then I set out to play live in front of the YouTube potential audience of INFINITY! Anybody listening?

Once the vids we’re floating in cyberspace I got the idea of writing out the arrangements and making them available for others to jump in if they wanted to put some of the chords under their own fingers.

Then a friend of mine told me the music was super tricky and wouldn’t it be cool if I made a video explaining and demonstrating in slow-mo how I came up with the arrangements.

So my good people, all of this is out there now and if you have an interest, here is your map of the music:

Peter Plays “My Favorite Things”


Peter Explains “My Favorite Things”

Sheet music to “My Favorite Things”


Untitled #1

Peter Plays “Desafinado”

Peter Explains “Desafinado”

Sheet music to “Desafinado”


Tonight we’re playing a free concert at the Rancho Bernardo Library! Look to the gig calendar for the details.

Also up for this week, the famous Thursday Roxy Solo Git Hit is in the works. See you there in person for some great eats and spirited music.

On Saturday night I’m playing a special concert with Beth Ross-Buckley on flute, Fred Benedetti on guitar, and Gunnar Biggs on bass. We’ve been rehearsing and our last rehearsal is at a super devoted, can’t find any other workable time slot of 8am on Friday morning. I’m resting up just for that! The music we’re playing for this show are all of my tunes including a brand new one called “Baiaon Blue”. The venue is the Meyer Gallery in Little Italy and it’s a special full on listening environment. Hope to see you there!

Beth and the band in the garden at SpragueLand! Left to right, Gunnar, Beth, Fred, and Peter.  photo by Stefanie Sprague

Beth and the band in the garden at SpragueLand! Left to right, Gunnar, Beth, Fred, and Peter.
photo by Stefanie Sprague

Last up for the week is a solo guitar appearance at the Ion Theatre event in La Jolla. It’s a fancy fundraiser and if you want to attend, check out the deets at my gig calendar.

There it is folks and many thanks for reading, Peter


This is the first movement to my suite entitled Dr. Einstein’s Spin. I wrote the music and it was funded by the prestigious Chamber Music America’s New Jazz Works grant. My vision was molecules bouncing off of each other, lots of pent up energy, wanting to move around. Musically I pulled this off by setting the tune in the 5/4 meter and using chord voicings that have close intervals—the happy rub! This recording is of my String Consort group and I love the way they pulled it off. I’ve adapted this tune to work with a smaller ensemble and that’s the way we’re playing it this week at the Camarada concert. Check it out!