The Wedding Dress Upright Bass Girl Playing “Secret Code”

Greetings Friends, I’m coming to you late in the week and this is because of a wonderful busy schedule over here at SpragueLand. Leonard and I have been doing so many concerts in this last span it’s as if we’re on a tour. Hey, where’s our tour manager and roadee/guitar tech, my guitar’s out of tune!

In catching up, a few cool things have come across my radar.

I never thought that I’d hear a German gal in a wedding dress playing my song “Secret Code” for her own wedding. I just got an email from a wonderful couple, Uwe and Marina, who live in Germany and recently got married. They’re talented professional musos and as part of their wedding they decided to play a song for their guests. Marina is in her wedding dress and playing the upright bass and Uwe is a fine guitarist. It’s a hoot and it’s fun for me to hear other players scoot through the changes of one of my tunes, especially in wedding attire. Check it out!

Uwe playing guitar and Marina on bass.

A couple of weeks back I played two nights at Vitello’s with vocalist Denise Donatelli and her band. On one of the nights someone in the audience shot some video and posted it to YouTube. It’s one of my favorite songs she sings and it’s a Pamplamouse blues cover called “Another Day”. Super cute! Check it out…

Denise sings “Another Day”.

Earlier in week over here at SpragueLand we had a gang of San Diego’s best tracking on Anthony Smith’s new recording. Anthony plays piano and vibes and he’s recording some of his original songs mixed in with some insane arrangements of some jazz standards. Uber-challenging stuff with some of the players ducking for cover—put on your hard hat kids ‘cuz this dude ain’t fooling around. I loved it and can’t wait until it eases into the not so free music market. I’ll let you know.

Band break! Left to right top row, Peter, Duncan, Holly Hofmann and Mike Wofford. In the front, Rob Thorsen and Anthony Smith.

Yes, my website has been full on revamped and I think it’s working well now. All the buttons do what they’re supposed to do and the links take you where you want to go. Where do you want to go? Maybe down to the ocean away from the digital hurricane completely. I hear you loud and clear, but, if you need more visual and mental input, check ‘er out

I’ve got 2 more hits today, one with Leonard and then a solo concert in Fallbrook. Look for the details over on the right side of this email. Hope to see you there. Sorry for the last minute sprint on this.

Leonard and Peter surfing the aural waves of jazz.

Tomorrow Stef and I head up to visit our daughter in Tacoma for “Parents Weekend” at her college. Hah, it’s just an amplified excuse to see her and we’re fully signed up for it. Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading and yes currently trying to keep the sky in my head!